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Salesforce x Survicate - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Salesforce integration

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How to collect respondent information?

When sending the survey via Salesforce, we'll automatically recognize the contact, lead, account, case, event, opportunity, and contact. If Salesforce is the email software selected to identify your survey's respondents and you selected appropriate merge tags in the Share tab - you can also add any other Salesforce attributes to your survey link to identify the respondents with this data.

Can I send the comment field to Salesforce?

If you are asked to provide additional comments, there is no current possibility of passing them on to Salesforce. 

As a workaround, you can set up Logic to ask for comments in the next question.

How can I send the name of the Survey in a Salesforce field?

Step 1. Go to the Connect tab of your survey, then in Settings tab of Salesforce Integration select Set static values on custom fields

Step 2. Choose the Object and Field you'd like to update and type in the static field value you'd like to send. In your case, the Static field value can be the name of the survey.

3. Here, you can choose several objects and fields to send values by clicking ➕Add another field

Can I send a survey with HubSpot/Pardot (or other tools) and have it integrated with Salesforce?

If you want to distribute a survey via email using one of the tools we support, such as HubSpot, Zendesk, Pardot, etc. You can integrate it with Salesforce to pass the collected data. Enabling the Salesforce integration updates respondents' profiles in Salesforce if their email addresses match those in the email tool.

If the email addresses of the respondents' profiles in Salesforce match those in Pardot or Zendesk, enabling the Salesforce integration should update the Salesforce profiles.

To confirm that everything is working properly, we recommend sending the survey to yourself first through the email tool and responding to it as if you were a participant. This step will help you verify that your email address has been captured and that your response has been recognized, updating your Salesforce profile accurately.

I have created fields in Salesforce but was unable to find these fields in the Survicate for mapping. What should I do?

Once you create a new field in Salesforce, please reauthorize the integration from Settings ➡️ Integrations to see your new fields.

We store your field information in the cache, which refreshes daily, but you can force-refresh this by reauthorizing the integration.

Can I embed the survey in the Salesforce Live Agent (Chat)?

The only current ways to send surveys via Salesforce are by embedding the first question in the email's body or including a survey link in the email.

To distribute a survey via Salesforce, you have to create a link survey.

If I purchase a subscription, will we be able to use Survicate in both Salesforce Sandbox and Production environments?

You can connect your Survicate workspace to one Salesforce instance at a time.

For example, if you connected Survicate to your SF Sandbox environment and you want to connect it to your Production environment, you would need to reauthorize the integration and select SF Production environment instead.

📌 Please note if you have two Survicate workspaces, you can connect one of them to SF Production and the other one to SF Sandbox.

Can I integrate multiple Survicate projects with one Salesforce instance?

Yes, you can connect multiple Survicate workspaces with one Salesforce instance.

The user who set up our Salesforce integration left. How can I make sure the integration will remain uninterrupted?

In this case, you need to reauthorize the integration with another account: Integration ➡️ Salesforce.

What merge tags should I use for different email templates in Salesforce?

In SF Classic, merge tags should look like this: {!Contact.ID}.

In SF Lightning, merge tags should look like this: {{{Contact.ID}}}.

How would the Survicate Salesforce integration know which account to send the response to?

As long as we have an email respondent, we will match the respondent's email address with the email of the Salesforce user.

📞 If you have any questions or need help with your survey, feel free to reach out to our team at or strike up a chat conversation!

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