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Update profiles from Survicate survey responses (with Zapier)
Update profiles from Survicate survey responses (with Zapier)

Use Zapier to pass your survey responses to your contacts' profile in CustomerIO to keep track of all the data

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We will automatically capture your respondent's email, name, and ID information if you use Survicate surveys to collect responses from campaigns or newsletters. You can easily pass these responses to your customers' profile using Zapier to connect Survicate to

What you'll need:

How to set up a Zap?

Step 1. Create a survey

Create your survey in the Survicate panel to send via If you are not ready with your survey yet, check out this article to start creating a survey

Step 2. Create a Zap

Head to your Zapier account and click Create a Zap. Pick Survicate from the list of apps, and pick one of two available options. But remember, if you choose New survey completion as a trigger, the survey needs to be filled out completely - if the respondent drops the survey in a process, we won't activate Zap until they complete it.

Step 3. Set up triggers

For our Zap, we've picked New Question Answer trigger. Now connect your Zapier account to Survicate by pasting your API Key, which you can find in Settings > Data Export API. Then, pick the survey you'd like to pass the responses from and the question (if applicable). You are now ready to test your data. We'll test the trigger with a demo response.

Step 4. Choose Customer io.

For your next step, pick as the app, and the event Create or Update Customer

Step 5. Connect

Connect your account on the Choose Account step. On the Customize Customer step, pick Respondent Remote Identities Api ID as the Customer ID, Respondent email as the Customer Email , and type in the Attribute you'd like to populate from the question you've selected on the 3rd step. Fill the attribute data with the answer you'd like to populate:

Step 6. Verify connection

Click Continue. In the next step, Zapier will send a test customer profile to your account with the email If your Zap was successfully set up, you could see the successful submission message:

You can also view the test respondent in People:

Step 7.

Now That you've verified your Zap is working, send out your emails, and you should be able to see the response information in the profiles!

Best practices

Embed surveys to your

Create a link or email survey to send it right through using the targeting rules.

Identify respondents with

Customize survey settings to capture respondents' email addresses and full names using You'll get to know what was the response each person gave,

📞 If you have any questions about setting up your Zap, reach out to our team at, or start a chat conversation 👉

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