If you are using Survicate surveys to collect NPS, CSAT or CES score from your Zendesk tickets, you can easily pass these responses to your users' Zendesk profile, or update your tickets with your survey responses using Zapier.

📌Note: Zapier integration is available right from the free plan of Survicate, however this zap might be subject to Zapier's plan limitations.

Here is how to set up the Zap:

1. Creating your survey in the Survicate panel to send via Zendesk. If you are not ready with your survey yet, check out this article to start creating a Zendesk survey.

2. Head on to your Zapier account, click "Create a Zap". Pick Survicate from the list of apps, and pick one of two available options. But remember, if you choose New survey completion as a trigger, the survey needs to be filled out completely - if the respondent drops the survey in a process, we won't activate Zap until they complete it.

3. For our Zap, we've picked new question answer trigger. Now connect your Zapier account to Survicate by pasting your API Key which you can find in Settings > Data Export API. Then pick the survey you'd like to pass the responses from, and the question (if applicable). You are now ready to test your data. We'll test the trigger with a demo response.

4. For your next step, pick Zendesk as the app and the event Find user.

5. Pick respondent email from the first step as the query string under Customize user settings.

6. For the purpose of the demonstration, we've created a test user in our Zendesk account with the email: email@example.com. You can skip this step, but we advise you to follow along to understand how the Zap will work thoroughly.

📌 If you'd like to skip the step, simply click skip test in Zapier

7. Continue and add a third step. This time, again Pick Zendesk as your app, and update user as the event.

8. Under "Choose Account" > User, select ID field from the second step of your zap.

9. Here, you can pick the fields to update upon your survey response, add a tag to your user or update your existing fields with survey response. We've chosen to add a note to the account with their survey response. If you don't like to update some fields, simply leave them empty.

10. Now when you test the Zap, you should be able to see the set up you've prepared in your respondent's profile!

📑 If you would like to update your Zendesk tickets instead, check our article on Zendesk integration.

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