The Survicate Inbox App for Intercom lets you check what NPS score a customer gave you recently, or view their latest survey responses - directly in Intercom Inbox. The Inbox App is a new feature built right into the existing Survicate - Intercom integration.

It's a great way to check the most recent NPS score without leaving Intercom, monitor customer health score, and view users' latest survey responses to get a better understanding of their issues.

🔌 To enable the feature:

  1. Once in Intercom, go to Inbox on the left-hand side.

  2. Open an Intercom conversation, preferably with a user who answered your surveys in the past.

  3. Click on Customize in the upper right-hand corner, select Add more and pick Survicate Surveys from the list.

  4. Wait until the app has loaded. Then click on Done.

Here's what happens when you click on the different sections of the Survicate Inbox App for Intercom:

Net Promoter Score - you'll be taken to the respondent's profile in Survicate.

Survey names under Latest responses - you'll be taken to the respondent's profile in Survicate.

See more in Survicate - you'll be taken to the main dashboard of your Survicate account.

Here's how the Inbox App's design changes depending on whether a user is a promoter, passive or detractor:

✉️ Let us know if you have any questions about the setup, best practices, and use cases.

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