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How to create a custom survey using Intercom buttons
How to create a custom survey using Intercom buttons

Customize your Intercom email survey by hiding answers behind Intercom buttons

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To send a survey via Intercom Email, you can either create an Email or Shareable link survey in your Survicate account and include its link in your email or embed the survey's first question in the email's body using HTML code, but you can also customize the message yourself by hiding answers behind Intercom buttons. This way, you can:

  • make your emails look better and match with all the rest of your Intercom communication;

  • increase the response rate of your surveys.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a custom survey using Intercom buttons while creating an Intercom Outbound Email.

Step 1. Create an Email or Shareable link survey

1. Click on the➕Create new survey button on your dashboard.

2. Select Email or shareable link survey from the menu.

3. Decide how you'd like to continue creating this survey. There are two options to choose from. You can either 1️⃣ add questions of your own or 2️⃣ select a survey from our templates library.

4. Next, choose and add the first question; if you decide to use a Welcome message, a Single-answer selection, a Smiley scale, a Rating scale, or an NPS® question, you will be able to hide every answer behind a button in the Intercom email.

If you choose any other type of question, we will give you only a link to the survey, which you can send to the respondents via Intercom.

💡If you'd like to know which response came from which customer, select Intercom Emails as the tool to identify respondents with:

Step 2. Create an Intercom Email

1. Go to your Intercom account, and in the Proactive Support tab, click on + New message.

2. Select Email.

3. Add your email's text and title, and when you're ready, look at the next paragraph to learn how to incorporate the Survicate survey into the email.

Step 3. Add the link to a survey or to an answer to the email

Include a link to the survey in the email

You can copy the link to your survey from its Share tab.

And hide it under a CTA button in the Intercom email.

This way, everyone who receives this email and clicks on the button will be taken to a new browser tab to answer the survey.

Add a separate link to each answer choice in the email

If you have chosen a Single choice, an NPS, a Smiley scale, or a Rating scale as the first question, you can hide each answer behind a separate button.

Click Get your code in the survey's Share tab and copy the link of the answer:

Don't forget to copy the whole link, from https:// to (including) aid=answerId.

❗️The HTML code consists of a question and multiple answers, each with a unique URL (inside <a> tags)

<a href="Here is answer URL" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Here is the answer</a>

Please note that you need to copy the URL preceding your chosen answer to connect the right answer with the button, just like in the example:

Each button in your customized email lets the respondent provide the feedback they want, and separate survey links (ending in unique answer IDs, different for each answer option), ensure the correct response is saved.

✅ It's ready! Send your new, great-looking survey to customers, and prepare for responses!

📞 If you have any questions about creating an Intercom survey, feel free to reach out to our team at or strike up a chat conversation!

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