You can send your surveys via Intercom using default HTML code, but you can also customize the message yourself by hiding answers behind Intercom buttons. 

Why would you do it?

  • to make your emails look better and matching with all the rest of your Intercom communication
  • to increase the response rate of your surveys

How to do it?

1. Create a standard Intercom email survey

Click on the New survey ➕ button on your dashboard. Select the Send via email or link, pick Intercom as the distribution tool and name your survey

Then choose the first question- if you decide to use single-answer, smiley scale or an NPS question we will provide you with HTML code (you will be able to hide every answer behind a button); however, if you choose any other type of question, we will give you access only to the link leading to a survey.

2. Copy the link to 1️⃣ a survey or 2️⃣ an answer

1️⃣ You can copy the link of your survey and hide it under CTA button in Intercom: 

2️⃣ If you have chosen a single choice, NPS, or smiley scale as the first question, you can hide each answer behind a separate button. Click Get your code and copy the link of the answer:

❗️The HTML code consists of a question and multiple answers, each with a unique URL (inside <a> tags)

<a href="Here is answer URL" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Here is the answer</a>

Please note, that you need to copy the URL preceding the answer to connect the right answer with the button. As in the example:

✅ It's ready! Send your new, great looking survey to customers and get ready for dozens of responses!

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