With Intercom as your Feedback Hub Source, you can automatically import your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub, making sure no feedback is lost in a process. With Intercom integration, you can:

  • choose whether you want to import all your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub or only these tagged with a specific tag

  • categorize feedback, as all of the notes will be labeled with Intercom logo

  • act on feedback, as we send the data of your user along with the conversation

How to enable Intercom integration?

Go to your Inbox sources in Feedback Hub dashboard

Choose Intercom from list of your sources

And click Connect

You will see a pop-up asking you to Authorize the integration, choose Intercom you want to connect with Feedback Hub and Authorize access

In Settings tab of Intercom source, you can choose whether you want to import all conversations, or just these tagged with chosen tags. Choose one of the options, apply tags you want and click Import. 

Since now you should see yellow circle near Intercom logo, indicating we are importing past data:

In your notes, you should already find some of the conversations:

As you can see, the conversation has already been tagged with tag from Intercom. We have also passed the identity of a user as well as date of a conversation. You can tag each of the chat bubbles separately, just remember: you can't edit these notes or delete single messages. 

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