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Learn about our Partner Programs and their benefits. Join the right Program, become our Partner, and get rewarded for recommending Survicate

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If you're a satisfied Survicate customer who wants to spread the word about our tool, an agency looking to improve your service offerings, or even an influencer interested in promoting our product, we have the perfect Partner Program for you.

In this article, we'll walk you through all three Survicate Partner Programs:

  • Ambassador Partner Program

  • Agency Partner Program

  • Affiliate Partner Program

Read on to learn how to become a Survicate Partner and get rewarded for recommending our tool.

Ambassador Partner Program

As an Ambassador Partner, you'll receive a personal referral link to share with anyone needing a user journey survey software. If someone signs up through your link and becomes a paying customer, you'll receive 20% from every purchase for the first year.

Recommended for:

Survicate customers who are happy to recommend Survicate to their colleagues and network while making extra income.

What you'll get:

  • 20% recurring revenue share when your referrals convert into paying customers (for the first year)

  • A unique referral link to invite others to sign up for Survicate

  • Support and access to enablement assets

Agency Partner Program

As an Agency Partner, you can offer Survicate as an additional solution to your clients and earn at least 20% lifetime revenue share for every new customer you bring our way.

Recommended for:

Agencies looking to expand their offering, provide more value to their clients and add an extra revenue stream.

What you'll get:

  • At least 20% lifetime revenue share for every new customer you send our way

  • Free access to Survicate to showcase the product

  • Promotion on our Agency Directory (coming soon!)

  • Training, support, and ready-to-use assets from a dedicated Partner Manager

Affiliate Partner Program

As an Affiliate Partner, you can promote Survicate on your blog, website, or other channels. You'll receive a recurring 20% revenue share for every new customer that signs up through your unique link for up to a year.

Recommended for:

Online creators and influencers who wish to monetize their content.

What you'll get:

  • 20% revenue share for every new customer that signs up through your link as long as the referred customer pays but no longer than one year

  • Support, training, and access to a range of marketing resources to help you promote Survicate effectively

  • Monthly payouts and uncapped commission

Becoming a Partner

To join our Partner Program, visit our Partner Program page, choose the right program, and apply to become a Partner.

Once you're approved, you'll get access to our Partner Portal, receive your unique referral link, and get access to all the resources and tools you need to start earning money.

Need help? Get in touch with our Support Team:

What's in it for you (money aside)

Regardless of which program you choose, there are many benefits to becoming a Survicate Partner. In addition to earning at least 20% revenue share for every new customer you refer, you'll have access to exclusive resources and tools to help you succeed.

  • By becoming our Ambassador Partner, you'll have the opportunity to build your expertise and showcase your knowledge within your network

  • For agencies, the Agency Partner Program offers a chance to expand your offerings while adding credibility and expertise as an official partner

  • Affiliates can also take advantage of our free support and resources to create compelling content on topics related to survey software

Whether you want to enhance your personal brand or grow your business, the Survicate Partner Program has everything you need to succeed.

Join the Survicate Partner Program to spread the love for our customer feedback survey solution and earn money in the process. Apply today and become our Partner.

To sign up or learn more, visit our Partner Program page or talk to us on chat.

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