Google Sheets Integration

How does it work?

Google Sheets integration allows you to send responses in real-time to a specified Sheet of your choice. With the integration enabled you can organise and analyse results the way you desire.

Integration allows you to: 

  • Connect Google Sheet to a data visualisation apps like Google Data Studio or Geckoboard to create interactive dashboards & beautiful reports based on data from multiple surveys
  • Easily access & share your survey real-time data.
How to do it?

To send survey responses to Google Sheets, you need to do two things:

🔐Authorise the integration
📊Choose the sheet you want to integrate in the menu of your survey

1. Authorising the integration
To connect Survicate with Sheets go to ⚙️Settings > 🔗Integrations, find Google Sheets on the list and click Authorise button:

2. Sending responses to Google Sheets
To send responses to Google Sheets go to the ⚙️Settings tab of your survey and open Google Sheets Integration menu. There you can choose Spreadsheet and Sheet to feed with data.

✅ You can choose existing spreadsheet or create a new one, but please do not choose one Sheet for exporting data from multiple surveys, as you will lose your data. If you choose an existing one, you can open it right away: 

As soon as you click Save button we will send responses to your Google Spreadsheet:

❗️ Also please make sure that the account you have integrated has the ownership of the spreadsheet you'd like to choose.

❗️ ️You need to integrate each survey with different a Sheet (Could be within same Spreadsheet). If there is more than one survey integrated with the same sheet, it will distort the integration.

💬 If you have any questions regarding Google Sheets integration, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are always happy to help 😃

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