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Send a survey after the ActiveCampaign ticket is resolved
Send a survey after the ActiveCampaign ticket is resolved

Did you know you can send a feedback survey immediately after your ticket is closed?

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ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation tool designed to help you effectively manage and optimize customer engagement and communication. Let's see how you can use it for collecting feedback on your customer-facing team efforts.

What you'll find here:

  • How it works

  • How to set up a custom object in ActiveCampaign

  • How to create automation and set up the trigger

  • How to embed the survey and launch the automation

  • FAQ

❗️Integrations are available on any of our plans, also on the Free Plan❗️

Step 1. How does it work?

Using the trigger called 'field changes,' ActiveCampaign will send a survey right after the particular field in your contact base is updated. This way, whenever your team will set the 'ticket status' field to 'closed/done,' the flow of your survey will be activated.

You will need to first set up a custom object field in your contacts' base in ActiveCampaign. This particular field will be used as a start to trigger your automation. Remember that this field might be updated manually or using the API. Find out more here.

Step 2. Set up a custom object in ActiveCampaign.

Before you start working on your automation, take a moment and make sure you have integrated Survicate with ActiveCampaign. If you haven't done it yet, make sure to start your journey with this article.

Once you managed it, on your ActiveCampaign account, go to Contacts-->Fields section. There, in the 'contacts' section, click to add a new field. Next, name your custom field so it will be easy to find in the next steps:

This way, you have created a custom field that will be used to start the trigger that will send your survey right after the ticket is closed.

Step 3. Create automation.

Create the automation in ActiveCampaign and make sure to select the 'start from scratch' option so you will be able to select your triggers and shape the flow the way you want it.

Start your flow by adding a trigger that will start your sequence. Click to add a start trigger and select 'field changes.' You might need to scroll down to find this option:

Next, select the field that will be used to trigger your automation. In the 'contact fields' section, search for the custom field you added in the previous step and select it:

To make this work, you should also specify the start and the end values of this field. While the 'tart value might be left as any value, the end value has to be specified. Otherwise, the survey won't be sent as the trigger relies on the custom field changes:

Besides this, you can decide if this automation should work only one time for each contact or whether it should be repeatedly sent every time the trigger is activated.

Click the 'add' button, and your trigger will be correctly added to your automation flow.

Step 4. Embed your survey and launch the automation.

The last thing you need to do is to copy the HTML code/URL link from the survey you created in Survicate. If you're not sure how to find your survey code or how to paste it, check this article.

Once you have it, add a new action to your automation, which is the email message. There, you can put your survey code/link, and this email will be sent right after the ticket status field is changed to closed.

To launch it, click the active button at the top of the page, so your automation will start sending the survey to anyone who will meet the conditions:

You're all set! Now, if the ticket status field is updated to 'closed,' the email with your survey will be sent right away 🎉


  1. The trigger does not seem to work. I update the field, and nothing happens.
    Make sure you're using exactly the same value as you have set up for the trigger. For example, if you set 'closed' as the required value, please make sure you didn't put 'close' or 'done.'

  2. While creating an email, which template should I select?
    Since you want to add the HTML code and preferably customize your message, you should select the 'email designer' option.

  3. My NPS question keeps splitting in half. How can I change it?
    While in the email editor, go to the 'global settings' section on the right side of the screen and increase the message width.

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