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Maximizing response rate: Email survey invitation
Maximizing response rate: Email survey invitation
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Personalized invites help engage respondents and increase survey response rates. Spend time crafting a well-written welcome message for your survey emails to grab your audience's attention and encourage valuable insights.

🚀 Here are a few quick tips to make your welcome message more convincing:

  • Including the recipient's name for a personalized experience;

  • Embedding the first question into the body of the email;

  • Underlining the gift card information;

  • Making instructions in the last paragraph more convincing.

Think carefully about your email subject line and how you construct the email body.

Here are the important points to remember when creating a survey invitation message:

1️⃣ Personalization

Use the recipient's name to create a connection and make the message feel more personalized.

2️⃣ Purpose

Clearly state the purpose of the survey to let the recipient know why their feedback is valuable.

3️⃣ Incentives

Highlight any incentives or rewards for completing the survey to motivate the recipient to participate. Check out examples of incentives and rewards:

  • Free coffee for a week

  • 10% discount on your next purchase

  • 40$ rewards for your shopping

4️⃣ Time

Provide an estimate of how long the survey will take to complete to manage the recipient's expectations and avoid frustration. By setting realistic expectations upfront, respondents will know what to expect and be more willing to participate.

5️⃣ Exclusivity

A key aspect of the experience we want to provide to our users. By letting the recipients know they have been selected to participate, we can add a sense of exclusivity and value to their feedback. This will make them feel like their opinion is highly valued and that they are a part of something special.

6️⃣ Anonymity

Please ensure the recipient of their anonymity to increase the likelihood of them providing honest and accurate responses.

7️⃣ Gratitude

Conclude the message with sincere gratitude for their participation and let them know their feedback is appreciated.

✏️ Finally, here are some other good subject lines you can get inspiration from to engage your audience:

We want to hear from you!

Please take a moment to let us know how everything went

Deep thoughts? We want to hear them all

Help us with a survey to win a prize!

We'd love your help! Fill out the quick survey and help us improve

Be honest - what do you think of us?

Have a moment?

Can we ask you something?

Got a sec? Give us feedback on…

$50 for your thoughts.


Using a welcome message when sending out a survey can effectively excite your audience to submit honest and helpful feedback. Remember to keep your message personalized, state the purpose of the survey, provide clear incentives, estimate the time it will take to complete, add a sense of exclusivity, assure anonymity, and conclude with sincere gratitude.

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