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Maximizing response rate: Pre-contact
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Letting somebody know you're inviting them to a survey could be an excellent warm-up call. It could be particularly efficient for target groups such as busy professionals, high-net-worth individuals, or B2B research. It is the opportunity to let particular respondents know they are unique and that their opinion is precious to you.

Pre-contact can increase the survey response rate by a few percent; while this might seem like a little impact combined with other methods, it can take your research to another level.

It's helpful if the sender is known to the respondents, for instance, as the person they've already been in touch with. This could be a customer support manager, account manager, or someone onboarding the users earlier.

Additionally, the warm-up call can provide context and set expectations for the survey. You can explain the purpose of the survey, the types of questions that will be asked, and how the information will be used. This helps ensure that respondents understand the value of their participation and feel more comfortable providing honest and accurate feedback.

Here are some of the examples that you can use for your email:

Your involvement would greatly impact our research and help us gain useful insights.

Ready to join? Reply to this email, and we'll send you the survey link right away.

The survey is quick and confidential, taking only [estimated time].

Your voice truly matters to us! Join our survey today and let your opinions shine.

Use the already created connection with the customer to encourage them to share the feedback. A strong relationship between a brand and the customer results in better motivation to complete the survey - questionnaires sent to unknown recipients typically receive the slightest response.


Pre-contact is an important part of any survey process and can help you get the feedback you need to make informed business decisions. Letting people know you're inviting them to your survey helps you establish that connection, create the context needed for the survey, and understand its value. With pre-contact, you can make sure that your surveys are not only comprehensive but also warmly received.

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