Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks from a platform to an external service, triggered when a pre-defined event occurs. In the case of our integration, we send webhooks on survey completion or on each question response.

It may be particularly useful for custom integrations with CRM, as by using webhooks you can notify your 3rd party software about collecting new survey responses.

Setting up webhooks

1. Head to Settings > Integrations and pick webhooks from the list.

2. Click view and enable integration.

The only thing left to do is to choose where to and what event you want to send.

3. Go to your Survey > Connect > webhooks.

4. Under Webhooks settings, depending on your preferences, you can enable sending notifications on each response or on survey completion and paste your endpoint address.

5. To make sure the integration is set up correctly, click send sample request, which will send a test event to your endpoint. You will get a notification letting you know whether your data was sent properly.

💬 To get a more in-depth description of the integration check out:

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