Slack integration allows you to send important parts of conversations with a single click. You can transfer Slack messages to Feedback Hub in two ways:

  • by clicking the Save in Feedback Hub button in the message menu;

  • by using /feedback-hub command in your Slack.

Table of content:

  1. How to enable integration?

  2. How to send feedback from Slack to Feedback Hub?

  3. Best practices

How to enable integration?

1. Go to your Inbox sources in the Feedback Hub dashboard

2. Choose Slack as your provider:

3. Click Connect in the top-right corner of the Slack page:

4. In the pop-up window there is a need to grant permissions. You can also choose which workspace will be connected to Survicate Feedback Hub.

How to send feedback from Slack to Feedback Hub?

1. Click More options in the message menu and select Push to Feedback Hub. You should see a message appear in Feedback Hub right away.

Also, by using our slash command /create_note you can create notes writing in your Slack. Write the command, after the @ write author of the note, and add #tags to your message.

Best practices

Send survey answers to Feedback Hub

Store your Survicate survey feedback and organize them with tags, highlighting and prioritizing feedback.

Pass Intercom conversations as Feedback Hub notes

Import your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub, making sure no feedback is lost in a process, or categorize feedback with the Intercom logo.

Create Feedback Hub notes from your Email Inbox

Pass messages from your inbox directly to your Feedback Hub into separate messages to see the whole context feedback was given in.

Use Zapier to create Notes in Feedback Hub

To store all insights collected from multiple sources in one place.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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