Feedback Hub is a next-gen tool allowing you to gather and categorize feedback coming from a number of different sources. It can be used to

  • collect feature requests from your users;

  • gather insights on various aspects of your service;

  • understand your customers better.

How does Feedback Hub work?

Feedback Hub contains all your feedback in notes. Note is one Intercom conversation, App Store review or other piece of feedback left by one person.
Using Feedback Hub you can add new notes manually, using Chrome Add-on or sourcing data from softwares like Intercom or Google Play Store. 

To create new note just click Add feedback:

And write the note providing information on who gave you this feedback and applying tags like product, customer-service or website.

You can see your new note added. If you click tag icon you can add new tags and emphasize part of a note by highlighting it. 

Also, you can filter and search messages by clicking tags in Inbox section or using search.

In the bottom-left corner you'll see the Inbox sources and Automation rules buttons

Inbox sources allow you to integrate different platforms with your Feedback Hub, gathering data automatically from Google Play reviews or Intercom conversations.
Automation rules enables you to automatically organize and categorize your notes.

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