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Maximizing response rate: Target the right audience
Maximizing response rate: Target the right audience
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Each respondent will approach your survey differently, and this has a significant impact on the results. Therefore, choosing the right target group is of utmost importance - this will help collect the most valuable data.

When determining the right target group, consider the relevance of the sentence:

How much does it impact my audience, and how well acquainted are they with the subject of the research?

People with emotional involvement and interest in the topic are more likely to take the survey. Additionally, respondents who are aware and knowledgeable about the subject will provide you with better answers - translating into insightful and reliable data collected.

  • If you're running website surveys, you can use some advanced targeting options in your Survicate panel to set up specific conditions.

  • If you're running a mobile app survey, you can show your survey to all of your users matching selected conditions or define a custom audience.



Choosing the right target group is crucial for collecting valuable survey data. Advanced targeting options can enhance the effectiveness of website surveys.

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