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How to send Apple App Store reviews to Feedback Hub
How to send Apple App Store reviews to Feedback Hub

Use App Store source to sync your app reviews and categorize in Feedback Hub

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With Apple App Store as your Feedback Hub Source, you can automatically import your App reviews, making sure no feedback is lost in a process. With App Store integration, you can:

  • automatically tag notes coming from the App Store;

  • categorize feedback: all notes will be labeled with the App Store logo;

  • act on feedback, as we send the username of a person leaving the review.

How do you connect your App Store with Feedback Hub?

Step 1.Β  Navigate to Feedback Hub at the top of your Survicate Panel.

Go to Inbox Sources in the Feedback Hub.

Step 2. Choose App Store from the list of sources.

Step 3. Connect your App Store:

Step 4. Here, you can set up your Source. Please go to your App page in the App Store and paste the link to it into the textbox.

You can decide whether you want to collect your reviews from the moment of installation or you want to pass all the past reviews as well. Just enable or disable the Import past reviews option.


My responses from the App Store are not visible in the Feedback Hub

We can only import reviews that are public. Feedback Hub only sees reviews that are visible on the application's page on AppStore for a regular user.

Also, only reviews with a text are sent to Feedback Hub, reviews where a user just left a score will not appear in Feedback Hub.

Best practices

Pass Intercom conversations as Feedback Hub notes

Import your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub, making sure no feedback is lost in a process, or categorize feedback with the Intercom logo.

Create Feedback Hub notes from your Email Inbox

Pass messages from your inbox directly to your Feedback Hub into separate messages to see the whole context feedback was given in.

Send Slack conversation as Feedback Hub

Send important parts of conversations with a single click.

Use Zapier to create Notes in Feedback Hub

To store all insights collected from multiple sources in one place.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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