With Apple App Store as your Feedback Hub Source, you can automatically import your App reviews, making sure no feedback is lost in a process. With App Store integration, you can:

  • automatically tag notes coming from the App Store

  • categorize feedback, as all of the notes will be labeled with App Store logo

  • act on feedback, as we send the username of a person leaving the review

How to connect you App Store with Feedback Hub?

First, go to your  📩Inbox Sources

and choose App Store from the list of your sources

then Connect your App Store

Here you can set up your Source. Please go to the page of your App in the App Store and paste the link to it in the textbox.

✅You can decide, whether you want to collect your reviews since the moment of installation, or you want to pass all the past reviews as well. Just enable or disable Import past reviews toggle

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