Let’s say that you want to be notified about new answers right after someone finishes the survey – this is when Notifications come in handy. It’s a feature that will send you an email with responses and (if possible) contact information of your respondent in real time. It’s especially useful when you need to act on the feedback immediately, e.g. when someone reports a problem with your website. Our users also use it to integrate surveys with their help desks.

Notifications have to be enabled for each survey separately. You can find this feature in the Launch section of your survey.

After opening this section, you will see automatic email’s set up. You can specify what email address should we send notifications to and what those emails should contain.

You can modify the content of Notifications using placeholders which we’ll fill with data from the specific respondent. You can add placeholders using Add variable menus above the Subject and Message fields.

Available placeholders are:

  • survey name
  • contact information (if there’s a contact form in the survey)
  • respondent’s email (only for in-message surveys which were distributed with one of listed distribution tools except of personal inboxes)
  • all answers to questions in the survey

You can also decide that notifications should contain answers to specific questions only and use Answer to section of placeholders list, then pick answers to which question you’d like to see in these automatic emails.

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