Why should I switch to a new version?

In mid-June '18, we have released a refreshed and improved version of our flagship integration with Intercom. Based on your feedback we’ve added new features and most importantly we simplified the installation, and configuration. We’ve also put a lot of emphasis on making the integration reliable and stable. You can be sure that your data always find it’s way to Intercom.

The new integration brings:

  • Simplified authorization and set up process - now you can turn it on with a click of a button - here's how.
  • Full control over integration on a question level. Previously you had to decide how to send data to Intercom for all integrated questions - now you can precisely set it up on a question level. Have a look here. Also, we now fetch tags and attributes from Intercom, so you can easily integrate using the data structure you already use.
  • Set-up for running in-app survey got a revolutionary upgrade. Previously you needed to install two pieces of javascript code, whereas one required to be modified by a developer to work with your app. That's gone πŸ’₯ now you need just one, simple piece code you can put to work even with your tag manager and no code modification is needed. πŸ™Œ Here's an article about how to start using in-app surveys with Intercom.
  • Really nice NPS Β - now when importing NPS survey to Intercom you get a well designed NPS email that looks exactly how we show you in the preview and there is no need for playing with custom CSS on your end. We have published a full manual on how to run NPS surveys with Intercom.
  • Major UX improvements in the question settings - it's pretty fair to say it is pretty much self-explanatory now.
  • Dummy data testing - you can now test the integration with a single click - Survicate is creating a dummy user profile where you can preview how we will send the data.

πŸ±β€πŸ’» We are investing in further integration development, and new features and updates will be fully compatible only with the new version of the integration - and we're cooking some pretty exciting updates around Intercom.

Checking which version of the integration I'm using.

Go to Settings (top-right corner) and Integrations.

If you see your active Intercom integration says it's unsupported, it means you're using our previous build. It doesn't mean it no longer works, it means from now we're building new features on the latest version. It also means exactly what is says though - we do not support that integration anymore, meaning - if you happen to have any issues with it and reach out to our team, first thing you hear would be an advise to upgrade.

Do I need to change it?

No, you can work with current version, but it's worth upgrading for all the reasons listed above. We strongly encourage you to do so whenever it's convenient for you.

If I decide to upgrade, do I risk losing any data?

There is one downside of upgrading - you would need to define tags and/or attributes for your questions once again. It doesn't mean you would lose the data already sent to Intercom - it just means you need to assign tags/attributes to your answers. The good thing is that we fetch them from Intercom anyway, so it shouldn't take much time.

OK, I'm in, how should I proceed?

Again, go to Integrations and find Intercom - hoover over it and click Authorize.

πŸ”’ Survicate uses OAuth to authorize with Intercom so you can be sure we don’t send anything unnecessary.Β 

Press Connect button to confirm connection in the pop-up window.
❗❗❗ If you don't see the pop-up window, you may need to allow pop-ups in your browser - please look for the settings in your browser URL bar, or use instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or Safari.

High five! βœ‹ The integration is ready to use πŸš€

How to re-assign tags?

Upon enabling the integration you, on a question level you will see new Intercom integration settings tab and old Integration & tagging.

The best way is to open them both, check 'Tags' in the new one, and start typing the tag name from below - you will see a drop down of existing Intercom tags. Choose the one you've been using for the question so far. Repeat for remaining answers and questions.

Once you're done, you can turn off Advanced mode in Addons, so it won't disturb your question setting view anymore.

Need any further assistance?

If you have any questions about the set-up, best practices and use-cases, please feel free to reach out to us via our Intercom. We could also arrange a quick demo to help you get things going.
There also is a refreshed collection of related articles available in the Knowledge Base.

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