FullStory Integration

Our FullStory integration allows you to visually experience what your customer was doing at the exact moment they left you feedback. FullStory Integration allows Survicate customers to associate FullStory sessions with Survicate responses. Data comes in as an extra column called “FullStory URL” in our CSV and XLS reports with the URL of the session during which the survey was submitted, allowing Survicate users to replay what their website visitors did prior to responding to their Survicate survey.

Setup is as easy as navigating to Domain Settings in Integrations section, picking up the FullStory from the list and select Integration Enabled.

To set the integration up, go to the Integrations section of account settings (in the upper-right corner of the app), then click on the Fullstory button.

In the integration setup window, check the Enable checkbox and save your settings.

That’s it, if you have FullStory installed properly on your website, we’ll start enriching reports with links to session recordings right away.

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