Creating surveys with Survicate doesn't have to cost you anything.

Our Free plan lets you test if Survicate is what you're looking for without a time limit and collect unlimited responses for up to 7 days per survey.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • what and how many surveys you can run on the Free plan;

  • how many responses you can collect;

  • what integrations you can connect.

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Table of contents:

What does the Free plan offer?

Multiple features

Test the following features from the flexible plans to see which Survicate plan is the best fit for you. The features included are Answer piping, Survey sampling, Customer data filters, Webhooks, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Email notifications, and Survey logic.

Unlimited survey responses

Collect unlimited responses to your survey for up to 7 days. Click here to learn more about what counts as a response.

Native integrations with marketing, product, and support tools

Sync survey responses in real-time with our native integrations to tools such as HubSpot, Intercom, or Salesforce.

Email, Shareable link, Website, In-product, Intercom Messenger, and Mobile surveys
You can create surveys for all the distribution channels to reach your contacts via email, on your website, in your application, and more!

NPS, CSAT, CES, and more question types
Add various questions to your survey to start with a Welcome message, measure the NPS score, or ask open-ended questions.

125+ professional survey templates
Use our customizable templates to quickly create surveys and ask about Customer Experience, Marketing Feedback, or Product Feedback.

7 days collection time per survey

An active survey is a survey that has collected more than 10 responses. From the moment of its 11th response, it can be active for up to 7 days.

No time limit on the free plan
Keep using the Free plan for as long as you'd like, there's really no time limit!

One active survey

Run one survey at a time and collect unlimited responses.

Unlimited free users

Invite colleagues to collaborate on surveys or analyze results with your team. There's no limit to how many teammates you can add.

Analyze data for 30 days

Data retention on the Free plan lets you see and analyze responses for 30 days since they were collected.

Feedback Button

Add a Feedback Button to your website to collect continuous feedback from visitors.

Feedback Hub

Gather and categorize feedback coming from many different sources with our Feedback Hub.

What's next?

After your survey's been active for 7 days, it will be automatically paused.

When a respondent who previously received an Email or Shareable link survey or an Intercom Messenger survey clicks on it, they will see the message "This survey is unavailable."

If you were running a Website or in-product or a Mobile survey, it will simply not appear anymore.

πŸš€ To restart your surveys and keep collecting responses, you can upgrade your account.

Learn how to make the most of our Free plan here:

Best practices

From results to conclusions

Learn how to analyze the data your survey collected with our Survey results basic guide.

Maximize the response rate

Response rate is an essential indicator for the quality of survey analysis. Check out this article for tips on boosting your response rate.

If you are on the Free [Legacy] plan, the above limits may not apply to your account. Please talk to us on chat if you'd like to learn more about the possibilities of your plan, or check the Subscription tab in your Survicate panel.

For more features and to run more surveys simultaneously, upgrade to one of our paid plans directly from your dashboard, or reach out to us to talk about the pricing πŸ‘‰.

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