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Send Feedback Button responses to Slack channels
Send Feedback Button responses to Slack channels

Share Feedback button insights with your team, send them to the Slack channel of your choice

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If you are running Feedback Button on your website or in-product, to keep all your team on board with the feedback you receive, you might want to connect the button responses with your team's Slack channel - so that you won't miss any valuable feedback!

Enable Feedback Button

Receive Slack Notification with every new response

Step 1. Go to the Slack channel you'd like to connect to the Feedback Button, and click on the channel name to get its details

Step 2. Move to Integrations ➡️ Send emails to this channel

Step 3. Copy the email address of your Slack channel

Step 4. Go to your Feedback Button

Step 5. Go to Feedback notifications > Enable forwarding and paste the email address of the channel here:

Step 6. Now, whenever you receive a new response to your Feedback Button, you can track it in your Slack channel!

Best Practices

Enable Slack notifications for other survey types

Learn how to receive real-time Slack messages when your survey is answered and apply custom conditions.

Enable Email notifications for other survey types

Add the email addresses we should inform about new survey responses matching your criteria.

📞 If you have additional questions about connecting Feedback Button to Slack, reach out to our team at, or strike up a chat conversation  with us 🎉

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