With Survicate's built-in email notifications feature, you can send notifications to selected email addresses based on survey completion or contact for submission.

But depending on your needs, you might also want to receive notifications only when a specific question is answered in your survey. For example, if you are running a comprehensive customer satisfaction research, you might want to get notified only when someone submits an NPS response.

For situations like these, you can combine powers of Survicate and Zapier to set up a system that will send you this notification.

Things you will need:

How to set up the notification?

1. Finish creating your survey in the Survicate panel and save your changes. If you are not ready with your survey yet, check out this article to start creating a survey.

2. Head on to your Zapier account, and click Make a Zap.

3. Pick Survicate from the list of apps, and pick "New question answer" as your trigger event.

4. Click Continue and connect your Survicate Account to Zapier by pasting your API Key which you can find in Settings > Data Export API

5. Select the survey and question you'd like to get the notification from and test your trigger. We'll test the trigger with a demo response.

6. For your next step, pick Gmail (or Outlook, depending on your email provider) and select "Send email" as the action event.

7. Connect your account and customize the notification email you'd like to get when a new response is submitted. You can insert the content of the response into your notification by picking "Text representation of the respondent's answer" from the insert data menu.

That's it! Now all you need to do is turn your zap on and start collecting notifications!

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