Once you have created your Feedback Button, launched it to your audience you'll begun to collect responses right away. You'll then, be able to view them in the Survicate panel. Just click on Feedback Button in the upper left-hand corner to access the analysis.

1. Results

Under results tab of your Feedback Button, you can find all the answers submited to your Feedback button. Here you can see: 

     a. Sentiment overtime analysis: Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sentiment analysis of your smiley scale question

     b. Sentiment breakdown: A breakdown of all the answers your smiley scale question has collected to far

     c. Text answer responses: All responses submitted to your text-answer question. If you are asking for emails of your respondents, you will see the respondent's email. 

2. Notifications

You can receive email notifications upon each completed Feedback Button form. If someone responds to the open-ended question, we'll send out a notification to any email address (or addresses) of your choice.

If you ask people to provide their email as the third step of Feedback Button, you'll be able to respond to the feedback straight from the notification.

3. Response Filters

You can filter your responses based on 

  • Answer URL:  Filter down all the responses collected from a specific URL on your website

  • Sentiment: Filter an answer in your smiley scale question

  • Custom time range: Filter your responses for the selected time range 

4. Edit

If you'd like to modify your Feedback Button, use Edit button to navigate back to edit mode.


Can I delete some responses from my Feedback Button?
Currently, it's not possible to delete Feedback button responses.

Can I export my Feedback Button's responses?
We don't support exporting the results of Feedback Button as of now. Please let us know via the chat if this is something you need.

💬 If you need our assistance, please reach out to us at support@survicate.com or strike up a chat conversation 👉

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