In the Design tab, you'll customize the design of your surveys so it is in line with your company's branding.
You'll be able to change your widget colors, customize the copy of survey buttons, and the different survey messages. You can position your survey on different positions on the page and setup overlay options. 

There's also a custom CSS feature available on some of the paid plans.

If you'd prefer to test-complete  your survey before launching on your website, on the right side, you will be able to preview your survey as if you were a respondent:

Design survey colors

It's very easy to adjust your survey's look to your website just by changing the colors with the selector tool. Here is the list of customizable survey elements and their correspondence:

❗️For your changes to take effect, don’t forget to “save your theme” before saving your survey.

Change button texts, position and survey overlay settings

  • If you are running a survey on a different language, you might want to change the text of your survey buttons. You can do this under Text Settings at the bottom of your design section.
  • It's also possible to define how your survey will start on different devices. You can set this by checking the tick boxes under Start minimized on. You can also customize this text to add a catchy message for your visitors by changing the Text on a minimized survey box.
  • By default, website survey controls are set to appear at the bottom. This position is proved to improve the response rate on your widgets. However, if you wish to change it you can see these settings under the "Other settings" at the bottom of your design page.
  • You can also disable and enable Close (x) and Minimize (-) buttons by checking their tick boxes.
  • If you are running surveys on a full page, you might want to add a website fade out. You can set this in the drop-down menu background overlay to dark overlay or light overlay.

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