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How to easily and quickly collect feedback from anywhere on the web

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Feedback Hub is an excellent tool for collecting feedback from various sources, providing you with essential knowledge on your customers' pains and needs, feature ideas, and product improvements. With Chrome Add-on, you can send a valuable Capterra review or fascinating fragment of an article to Feedback Hub with two clicks. Installation of Feedback Hub Chrome Extension will enable you to quickly:

  • capture every important piece of information online,

  • record your conversations, and transcribe them automatically to text,

  • use tags to group feedback and discover patterns.

How to install the Feedback Hub add-on?

Step 1. To start using our Chrome extension, add it to your browser using this link and connect it with your Survicate account using your login button:

Step 2. Log in to your Survicate account.

Step 3. You will be redirected to the Survicate panel and asked to choose Organisation and Workspace you want to connect with Chrome Extension:

Step 4. When you choose Organisation and Workspace, you will see information that you successfully connected:

How to add notes by Feedback Hub?

Step 1. Since this moment, every time you highlight a piece of text browsing the internet, the Save in Feedback Hub option will appear in the contextual menu:

Step 2. Click it, and the modal screen will appear, asking you to provide the author of the feedback and apply tags:

Step 3. When you click Save Feedback, it will appear in your Feedback Hub!


Switching between workspaces

If you need to change a Survicate workspace connected with the Chrome extension, log out using the on / off button and then connect with a chosen workspace once more.

Best practices

Use Automation rules

Automatically organize and categorize feedback, add or remove tags on notes, and delete old or irrelevant feedback.

Send survey answers to Feedback Hub

Store your Survicate survey feedback and organize them with tags, highlighting and prioritizing feedback.

Pass Intercom conversations as Feedback Hub notes

Import your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub, ensure no feedback is lost in a process, or categorize feedback with the Intercom logo.

Create Feedback Hub notes from your Email Inbox

Pass messages from your inbox directly to your Feedback Hub into separate messages to see the whole context feedback was given in.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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