What is feedback hub chrome add-on and why is it useful?

Feedback Hub is a great tool to collect feedback from a wide variety of sources, providing you with essential knowledge on your customers' pains and needs, feature ideas and product improvements
With Chrome Add-on you can send a valuable Capterra review or particularly interesting fragment of an article to Feedback Hub with two clicks.

How to use feedback add-on?

To start using our Chrome extension simply add it to your browser using this link and connect it with your Survicate account using your login button:

You will be redirected to Survicate panel and asked to choose Organisation and Workspace you want to connect with Chrome Extension:

Since this moment, every time you highlight a piece of text browsing internet, Save in Feedback Hub option will appear in contextual menu:

Just click it and modal screen will appear asking you to provide the author of the feedback and apply tags:

As soon as you click Save Feedback, it will appear in your Feedback Hub!

Switching between workspaces

If you need to change a Survicate workspace connected with Chrome extension, you need to log out using on / off button and then connect once more with a chosen workspace.

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