You can use link surveys for various purposes, distribute them by email (manual or with Salesforce®, MailChimp, HubSpot and other marketing automation platforms) or messaging apps like Intercom.

How does the link survey work?

You can distribute link surveys by embedding the first question inside your email or sharing the link. Links inside an email are software- aware, so we can easily associate the response to a respondent. After clicking a link respondent will be redirected to the landing page with follow-up questions.
❗️Structure of an email doesn't allow you to embed more than one question inside a message..

Using link surveys allows you to segment your clients more easily, implement surveys as a part of your mail campaigns, measure customer satisfaction after they receive your products, etc.

✅ If you want to embed the first question inside the email, make sure it is Net Promoter Score:

Or single choice question

❗️If you choose any other type of question as the first one, we will provide you only with the link to your survey- it's still software-aware and you can hide them under CTA button or a piece of text 😄

Why should I use these surveys?

  • they can be integrated with marketing automation software to send surveys after certain actions performed by a user- this way you can keep your surveys more targeted and contextual 
  • link surveys don’t require adding any code to the website- you can use them right away without waiting for your devs to help you

How to create the mail survey?

It's very simple. All you have to do is add a new survey, choose whether you want to create a survey yourself or use our library:

Then create link survey (represented by a envelope both in library and Start from scratch)

And create a survey, applying logic and customising landing page.

Mail distribution

In the Share section, you can get the code snippet to add to your mail. We strongly advise you to check our section with tutorials on how to send mail surveys with different softwares.

In case of sending your surveys through e-mail just choose Personal Inbox from the list and create a survey. After you create a survey, copy the content of the email and paste it into your email 😃 

✅ It works the same way either with a single answer on NPS question!

Feel free to customise your email, you can add the welcome message, photos, et cetera. All the information is contained in links, so you don't need to worry as long as you don't make a mess inside the links.

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