How to preview and test a survey

Get a quick overview of how your survey behaves and how its logic works. Test-complete your survey to ensure the best experience possible.

Previewing your survey logic and design - The Design Section

The Design section allows you to make sure everything functions as intended. To preview your survey:

1. Make sure you've set up the logic as desired. Then access the Design section:

2. Use the survey preview to test out your survey and make sure it's working as expected.

Email preview lets you view a survey as embedded in an email. Survey page preview lets you view the survey as shown in your browser (when you use a link to distribute your survey).

Here's how the preview of website surveys differs from that of link/email surveys:

3. Ensure the order and follow-up questions you have added are functioning properly. Assess whether you're pleased with your survey's logic.

4. Switch between Desktop, Vertical and Horizontal Phone to view the survey on different devices.

Previewing your survey logic and design - The Share Section

Alternatively, you can generate a link for your survey. You'll then need to copy it and paste it into the address bar of your browser. This will let you preview the survey in full-screen. 

1. Go to the Share section of your survey. 

2. Copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Please note: this method is not applicable to Website and Mobile App surveys. It only applies to Link/Email surveys.

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