Creating website surveys

Website surveys are widgets that you can display on a pages on your website or web app. They can be quick questions, contact forms, CTA buttons, or in depth questionnaires. You can launch these surveys in on specific pages, after specific actions and even to a specified target group.

In order to run surveys on your website, you need to install survey tracking code that you can find under "Tracking Code" in Settings at the top-right corner of your panel. If you haven't done that yet, see how:

Guide on website survey installation

How to create a website survey

Click New survey and choose Launch on your website.

Then add the questions, and design your survey and setup targeting settings.

Once you set up all your settings, just start your survey on the main page:

Or from the edit section:

If you want to test your survey's experience on your website, you should do it in the incognito mode of your browser. And after every test, make sure to close all incognito windows.

If you are having trouble with displaying your survey, feel free to reach us. We are always happy to help!

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