Setting up survey logic

Logic allows you to create different paths for respondents, depending on previous answers by skipping certain questions, adding whole new branches, and segmenting users (for example based on the level of satisfaction).

This way you can set up a personalised survey that extracts insights from respondents, asks crucial questions, inquires about details and finally displays most suitable CTA.

Why would you use it? 
  • to understand your customers better🧠 - get deep insights from respondents by asking the right questions
  • to personalise your message📨- create a personalised experience and display call-to-actions chosen especially for specific respondents based on their answers
  • to generate steaming leads💨- use contact forms to reach customers with personalised offers if they want to be contacted 
How to use question logic in your survey?

Start with adding questions and answers to your survey. As soon as you have answers and questions added you should arrange them in a logical order.

You can add Next step by clicking the button under the question or by drop-down lists within each question.

To apply logic choose or add the next step to the answer by picking the option from the list. This generates a new question that will be displayed if respondent picks a particular answer.

If you want respondent to end a survey after particular answer just pick Finish as a Next step.

Keep in mind that survey logic can be applied only to single answer questions, Net Promoter Score, smiley scale, rating and dropdown list.

💬 If you have any questions or need help setting question logic, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are always happy to assist you in no time. 📞

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