Adding and managing users

Survicate allows to add and manage users within the panel. To add or remove users, and manage their permissions, go to Settings > Users.

How to add a new user to my organization?

To invite your colleague to your Survicate account, move on to Settings > Users and select Add User.

Enter their email address to send them an invitation link to your account. If you'd like your colleague to be able to modify your billing and subscription, enable this checkbox.

By default, every new users are added with "User" permission, but you can also set custom workspace permissions while inviting your colleagues:

Please note that only organization owners can enable the permission to modify billing and subscription while inviting users.

User Roles Management

There are four roles in Survicate, each serving a different purpose. You can be either an organization owner, a workspace administrator, user or guest.

Organization role:

The owner is the person who created the organization in Survicate. Owners can control each and every aspect of the organization. They can add administrators and users, change all settings and create new workspaces. They can also access the Subscription section—change plans, update billing information and download all invoices.

Workspace roles:

Workspace administrators have access to all features in Survicate. They can invite new users to workspaces they manage. They can change all settings, manage surveys, integrations, and Feedback Hub.

Users have access to all features within workspace they were invited to. They're able to manage surveys, integrations, and Feedback Hub. They can't invite new users.

Guests are allowed to view survey results and access Feedback Hub. They can't modify surveys, they're not allowed to invite new users, they're also not able to install & manage integrations.

Subscription Management:

All roles can manage subscription (same as owners). The access to Subscription can be added or removed for each user separately. Only the owner can change this setting.

How to change user roles in my organization?

To change your colleague's account permissions, navigate to Settings > Users. Click the edit icon next to the user you'd like to change the permissions.

You can enable/disable their subscription management and set different roles for this individual user per workspace:

How to delete a user from my organization?

To remove a user from your organization, navigate to Settings > Users and click on trash bin icon corresponding this user. Their account will be permanently deleted.

Please note that only organization owners are able to delete users.

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