Testing Website Survey

Checking whether the survey appears

To test out your Website Survey, you need to open your website in incognito mode:

Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + PĀ 

Google Chrome: Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + N

Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + P

Opera: Ctrl + Shift + N

Safari: Cmd + Shift + N

Please keep in mind that you should close and open Incognito windows between tests.

How to check if your tracking code was installed correctly?

In order to check it you need to do two things:

  1. Open your website in the browser and view the Console
  2. Write _svc in the Console and look for outcome
How to open a console in my browser?

There are different shortcuts for every browser, below you will find a list of most popular ones:
Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J (for Windows) Cmd + Alt + J (for Mac)
Alt + Cmd + C
Ctrl+Shift+J (for Windows) Cmd + Shift + J (for Mac)
Ctrl + Shift + I

What next?

As soon as you have console opened, you will see place to input your code:

Paste the code below and click Enter


If the code is installed properly you should receive a message with your workspaceKey

When you see the red error message it means that you need to try installing it once again

šŸ’¬ If you have any questions or need help installing tracking code on your website, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are always happy to help šŸ˜ƒ

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