Klaviyo integration

The Survicate and Klaviyo integration allows you to update Klaviyo subscriber profiles with survey responses. We’ll send survey replies to Klaviyo as property values - to any field of your choice. You’ll be able to create automated campaigns based on survey responses as well as segment your email audience more effectively. The setup is extremely easy and takes up to 5 minutes.

How it works?
  • Integration on a per-question basis - you get to decide whether you want to push responses to a given question to Klaviyo or not
  • You can flow survey responses into any existing property or create a new Klaviyo property directly in Survicate
  • Responses are sent to Klaviyo in real time
  • Even if a user doesn’t complete the entire survey, we’ll still send the responses they do give
  • You can create new leads in Klaviyo based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submission
How to enable the Klaviyo integration

Head over to Settings > Integrations, pick Klaviyo from the list and click Authorize. Then log in to your Klaviyo account and review the requested permissions.


Creating a survey in Survicate and sending it out through Klaviyo


Sending responses to Klaviyo as contact properties

Once the integration is enabled, you’ll be able to flow all survey responses into Klaviyo as contact properties. By doing so, you’ll enrich your Klaviyo subscriber profiles with invaluable survey insights.

Head over to Questions when editing a survey to see the Klaviyo integration button at the bottom of the question setup:

Hit the Klaviyo integration button and then put a tick next to Send answers to this question to Klaviyo. You now need to select a field you’ll feed survey responses into. You can choose from existing default properties or create an altogether new property. Just type in the name of the property - we’ll create it for you.

We do not display your custom properties in the dropdown list. If you’d like to flow survey responses into a custom property that you’ve created beforehand, just type in the name of the property.

Then decide what you’d like to send responses to Klaviyo as:

As soon as this step is completed, the integration will be fully operational. 
Testing the integration

Click on the Send sample data button and Go to Klaviyo profile to view the newly created user along with their response recorded:

You should see any responses pushed to Klaviyo under the Information section on a user profile.


Creating a contact in Klaviyo based on Contact Form survey submission

Whenever someone responds to your Contact Form survey, you can create a new contact in Klaviyo. Pick Contact Form from the list of questions, and then hit Klaviyo Integration.

Then select Send answers to this question to Klaviyo > Automatically add created contacts to selected Klaviyo list. All you need to do is simply pick or add a Klaviyo list.

Need any further assistance?

📞 We would love to arrange a quick demo to help you get the integration up and running. Let us know if you have any questions about the setup, best practices and use cases.

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