Adding and managing workspaces

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are spaces containing surveys - multiple workspaces allow you to:

  • easily display surveys on different websites (each workspace has a different website tracking code)
  • integrate with different accounts of the same software
  • manage permissions across the teams
Adding Workspaces

To add a Workspace, click on the button in the upper-left corner of the app and click on the Add New Workspace button.

Please keep in mind that in order to manage multiple workspaces you will need to update your subscription.

Once you create a Workspace, you’ll get a unique, workspace-specific Tracking Code which you should install on new domain, allowing you to show surveys on multiple websites

Changing Workspace name

You can change the displayed workspace name in ⚙️Settings > Workspaces:

Removing Workspaces

⚙️Settings > Workspaces and click on trash bin icon corresponding to this workspace. Only Owner is able to remove a Workspace.

❗️Removing a Workspace will remove all associated surveys and responses as well!

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