Showing a survey after a JavaScript event

Why would you use JavaScript triggers? 

JavaScript triggers allow you to display a survey after clicking a button or encountering any JavaScript events. This way you:

  • target users that added a specific product to their basket or used a coupon in the cart, so you can increase a conversion rate and sell more 💸
  • show survey on a specific part of your dashboard/app to inquire about your user's experience 🔍
  • add a specific button in the navigation of your apps, to call the feedback dialog❗️
How to use these triggers?

You need to start a specific script upon an action:

_sva.showSurvey(id, options);

Where id is a survey ID, visible in the URL when you Edit a survey:

And options are a parameter used to specify the display details (more details in the documentation)

Please ask a developer to install these triggers-  it should take just a few minutes of their work 😃 To make sure it works properly provide them with this JavaScript documentation

❗️If you choose to display a survey using JavaScript you don't have to set up the targeting. However, if you have the targeting set up, widget will be displayed while conditions are met OR on the JavaScript event.

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