Why is my Google Sheet integration not working?

  1. You've integrated more than one survey with the same Sheet.

You can collect the data from all of your surveys into one Spreadsheet, however please make sure you have integrated each survey with different Sheet. If there is more than one survey integrated with the same sheet, it will distort the integration.

  1. You've colon (:) sign in your Spreadsheet or Sheet title.

If your survey data is not passed to Google Sheet, please check whether you have a colon (:) in your sheet or spreadsheet title. If so, try removing it - colons in spreadsheet and sheet titles can sometimes cause a integration to malfunction.

  1. You've reached the maximum row limit in your Sheet.

Make sure that you've not reached a maximum row limit in your Sheet - in that case, data would not be sent.

If none of the above applies to your case, please reauthorise integration in the Settings - Integrations. Then, try to answer your survey and check if the data is sent to Google Sheets. If not - please contact our Support team right in the panel.

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