Adding pictures and logos to surveys

You can add pictures and logos to email surveys and website surveys, to question introduction or to the question itself.

Adding logo to email survey

To add a logo or a picture to your survey, please go to the Design > Add company logo and upload a file from your computer.

The picture will be added at the very top of the landing page and, in case of NPS surveys, it will be displayed above the NPS question.

If you use the dark theme, please make sure that your logo will be properly displayed on this type of backgrounds. 

Adding pictures to website surveys / question introduction

Pictures and logos have to be uploaded separately for each step of your Website Survey. To do that, open a step of your choice and click on the Add Introduction button

Paste the following code into the introduction, question or answer:

<img src="here is picture URL" height="50">

Alt attribute is the text that will be displayed if the picture is not available.

❗️You need to host it on external service like

Here’s the code which we’re using in the example below:

<img src="" height="50">

Here is more advanced example with images added to each answer:

You can modify the height value freely – the picture will scale to the height, and it will retain original proportions.

If you need any more help concerning CSS and advanced visual design of your survey please visit this article:

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