Targeting based on attributes

What attributes are?

Attributes are any pieces of information you know about a respondent that can be included in data export- we will send it along with answers from specific person. It means, that you target surveys basing on demographics, department or type of company they work in. You can find more information about attributes here: 

How to set the targeting up?

If you want to set up attribute-based targeting, you need to create a new segment of visitors. Go to the Settings section of your survey, open Who should see the survey? and click on Create new segment button.

You will see a menu of targeting criteria from which you need to pick How do they use your website?

Click the checkbox They have custom attribute and write attribute name and value, for example company size and 50 will target only users with company size of 50.

❗️Remember! You have to enable the segment to display the survey properly! Also, disable all segments which exclude each other.

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