Segment Integration

Combine qualitative & quantitative feedback with your Segment customer data. Segment Integration allows you to:

  • specify your survey audience more precisely, using Segment-based data from group and identify calls
  • filter your survey results to segment your answers based on data coming from various Segment sources 
  • send answers collected with Survicate to your Segment destinations & warehouses
  • install Survicate tracking code through Segment with a few clicks 
Connecting Survicate to Segment

All you need to integrate with Segment is got to Settings > Tracking code and click Install with Segment. You will be prompted to your Segment account - choose the workspace you want to connect with. Your Tracking code will be installed automatically and destination will be set up as well.

We work with Segment towards onboarding each customer individually. Please make sure to follow all required steps described below.

1. Add the Survicate Destination to your Source and enable it with the correct Workspace Key

2. Provide ( or contact us via Intercom ) with Segment Source URL where you enabled Survicate

3. Segment will do their magic on their end

Since this moment we will assign data passed from Segment sources to profiles of respondents.

How does the integration work?

Once the integration is enabled Survicate will start accepting Segment identify & group calls. Information sent from Segment will start appearing as respondents' attributes. You can use customer data sent from Segment to: 

  • Target your website surveys more precisely. Please visit our article on targeting based on attributes to find out more
  • Filter your survey results and analyze it more precisely:

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