Targeting based on the source of traffic

Targeting visitors who are coming from a specific source is a great method of segmentation, as it allows you to get insights about particular visitors and their needs depending on the source of traffic.

To target visitors from a source of your choice, you need to create a new segment. Go to the Settings of your survey and open Who should see the survey? section, then click on Create new segment button.

From a menu of targeting conditions pick How did they come to your site?

You can target users who:

  • came from all traffic sources
  • came directly to your site -  meaning they typed in a URL or opened your site from a bookmark
  • came from different site - either generally or from a specific page. It’s especially useful for tailored and contextual questions.
  • came from a search engine - meaning they have found your website after they searched for something in google, yahoo, etc.
  • came from a campaign - here you can specify parameters of a UTM campaign you want to target. Read more about UTM campaigns in this article

❗️Remember! You have to enable the segment to display the survey properly! Also, disable all segments which exclude each other.

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