Link & Email surveys explained - from start to finish

How to effectively use one of our products - Forms & Surveys

This article will guide you through link/email surveys all the way from creating a form, through sending it out, to effectively dealing with responses. Here's the agenda:

  1. What's in it for me? - the benefits of using link/email surveys.
  2. Supported marketing automation / email marketing/ CRM platforms - the tools Survicate seamlessly works with. Send out your email surveys using these. 
  3. Let's get it up and running - the process of creating an effective survey campaign from start to finish (based on Intercom). This includes:
  4. VIDEO: how to create an email/link survey in Survicate
  5. VIDEO: how to send out an email/link survey through Intercom
  6. END Result: The final outcome & Call To Action.

What's in it for me?

Link & Email surveys are meant to be distributed through a variety of email marketing/CRM/marketing automation software. Some of the most commonly used types of surveys are NPS campaigns, CSAT surveys, post-event evaluation forms and the like. Try out our templates library if you're on the lookout for survey inspiration. ​

One major advantage link & email surveys have over other types of distribution is that they rely on subscriber data you likely already have in your system. With than in mind, it's super easy to answer questions to the effect of 'Why would I send out surveys by email?'. The main reasons that spring to mind are: ​

It's convenient - because you keep track of all your user activity in your software, anyway. All your user data is presumably already in your system. Distributing surveys through your email marketing/marketing automation software is, simply said, hassle-free. You'll be able to run your customer and feedback-related errands all in one place.​​

The most striking benefit of sending out surveys by email is that you will be able to associate responses with your subscribers. This, in turn, will let you swiftly follow up on any feedback you receive, whether the good or the bad. ​We seamlessly connect with companies to the likes of Intercom, HubSpot or Salesforce, to name just a few. Imagine you could update HubSpot user or company profiles with survey insights. In fact, leave your imagination for when you really need it - you don't need it here. This is perfectly possible using Survicate!

Supported email/marketing/CRM platforms 

Below are some of the most popular platforms Survicate works with as well as a handy comparison.

You'll notice that with certain tools, it is possible to embed the first question directly in an email and use a link alike. While some other platforms will only let you do the latter.

Similarly, you'll be able to seamlessly connect with some of the  tools, and integrate survey data back into subscriber profiles in real time. This opens up numerous new possibilities, as it allows you to act on survey responses and segment subscribers. Again, there are those platforms for which we only provide survey distribution at this time. Here's the comparison:

See the full list of platforms here:

If your tool is not on the list above, don't worry. You will still be able to send a regular survey link and, in some instances, track down responses and associate them with your subscribers. Please drop us a message at for custom platform requests. We'll be happy to help you. ​

Let's get it up and running

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up a sample email survey and distribute it effectively afterwards. We'll use Intercom as an example, but you're welcome to pick any tool that you work with. See our knowledge base for reference. 

1. Log in to your Survicate account by following this link.

2. Once on the main dashboard, click on Add New Survey +.

3. Now you get to decide whether you'd like to create a survey of your own (1), or choose from some preexisting surveys (2). 

4. If you go ahead with the (2) option, be sure to change the type of survey to E-mail or link. Then pick a survey that's of interest to you.  

5. If you want to create an altogether new survey so it's more business-specific, you'll see the screen below. Pick Send via e-mail or share a link from the list. 

6. Now you need to select the tool you work with. Please note - you're going to distribute your survey using that platform. Let's go with Intercom for the purpose of this guide:

7. Specify the name of your survey. This is for your information only. The name will not be visible to your respondents. Afterwards, click on Create Survey.

8. You'll now get to build up your survey. Please refer to these articles for more information on how to create a survey and what question types you can choose from,

Let's proceed with a typical NPS question:

9. If you click on Design, you'll get to play around with your survey's colors, hide a footer or preview the survey across various devices.

10. Click on Setting is you want to turn on email notifications or make it so the survey can be taken multiple times from the same browser. 

​​11. You should then see the screen below:​

1 - Proceed if you want to send out your survey as is.

2 - Turn data integration on. This way any responses you receive, will feed into your platform and update your subscriber profiles with tags/attributes or other custom values. As stated further above, apart from Intercom, there are many tools we integrate with.

12. You can choose between (1) inserting a link to the survey into your email or (2) embedding the first question of a survey (as long as it's an NPS or single-answer question) in your email body:

Option 1 explained - links: ​

Below is a sample link to an Intercom survey. It employs the so-called merge-tags. They let you use dynamic content in your campaign as well as link responses with your Intercom (or, for that matter, any other app) subscribers. You are welcome to add on other merge-tags as well. By default, we use {{user_id}}, {{first_name) and more, as shown below:{{user_id}}&first_name={{first_name}}&last_name={{last_name}}&email={{email}}

Option 2 explained - embedding:​

This is similar to just using links, with the only difference being you get to display the first question of any given survey directly in your email body. The first question needs to be an NPS or single-answer survey. If a survey is made up of multiple steps, your respondents will be redirected to a landing page with the survey so they can take it in full. The Embedding feature also uses merge-tags. We generate an HTML code, which you'll then need to copy and paste into your Intercom email message.​

VIDEO REMINDER: Here's how to create a sample link/email survey in the Survicate panel:

VIDEO: Here's how to successfully distribute your survey through Intercom:

End Result

Once you get your email surveys truly up and running, you will be able to link responses with your subscribers. You will be to keep track of survey results both on the Survicate end as well as in a third-party app of your choice. Here's how to access the analysis:

While on the main dashboard, pick your survey and click on Answers:​

​Then click on Survey Respondents:​

You can now view respondent details (1) directly from within Survicate as well as download (2) an Excel report for more details:​

If you go with the latter option, here's a sample breakdown of results and what details it contains:

That's a sample Intercom user profile updated with survey insights:​

🚀 Armed with this knowledge, how about you try and set up your first email survey campaign? You'll be amazed at how useful your survey insights can be!

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