Sending surveys via Salesforce

If you use mailing list in Salesforce to distribute your surveys, we will add the email address to every respondent's details, so you know how every person answered!

There are two ways to distribute surveys via email- either by copying the link or HTML code. We recommend you to use HTML code, as having answers in the email more engaging, giving you much higher response rates!

Surveys for Salesforce work like any other type of survey- you can use logic, meaning the follow-up questions can be based on previous answers, and the landing page can be customised in the design section

Email surveys let you answer the first question inside an email and redirect you to the landing page with follow-up questions. 

✅ If you want to embed the first question inside the email the first question of your survey should only be either a Net Promoter Score:

A smiley scale

Or a single choice question

If you choose any other type of question as the first one, we will provide you only with the link to your survey.
How to create Salesforce survey

Simply choose the type of the survey:

When you create a survey remember that the survey needs to be link survey (represented by a envelope both in library and Start from scratch)

And choose your Salesforce as your provider:

Create your survey depending on your needs, and customise your URL. It's needed to catch your object data. In this case, we want to know what's the email of the contact we message, but we could catch Opportunity Name as well. 

Then click Get your survey and add the HTML generated to your email template. Using instructions below:

How to create custom HTML template

❗️You can also choose to distribute surveys copying link shown in Share a link textbox, hide it under CTA button or your custom text 😃

We strongly recommend combining it with our Salesforce and Pardot integration, to rocket boost your mail campaigns!🚀

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