Sending surveys via your software

If you use mailing list in marketing automation platform to distribute your surveys, we will capture respondents' email addresses using software-aware links, so you know how every person answered!

There are two ways to distribute surveys via email, both catching respondent data- either by sending the link or embedding the first question using HTML code.

Surveys for mailing platforms work like any other type of survey- you can use logic (branching), and the landing page can be customised in the design section

Link surveys let you answer the first question inside an email and redirect you to the landing page with follow-up questions. 

✅ If you want to embed the first question inside the email you can choose, whether it will be Net Promoter Score:

Or single choice

❗️If you choose any other type of question as the first one, we will provide you only with the link to your survey

How to create survey

Simply choose the type of the survey:

When you create a survey remember that the survey needs to be link survey (represented by a envelope both in library and Start from scratch)

And choose your provider:

Create your survey depending on your needs, and copy the code:

And paste the HTML using your platform rules of mail creation🚀

You can also choose to distribute surveys copying link shown in Share a link textbox, hide it under CTA button or your custom text:

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